Find the inspiration to study in the movies

Nothing can move you better than a good movie with the characters you can relate to yourself. It gives us the strength, motivates and makes us feel better, and makes us feel like anything is possible. Even when you know all that things happening on the screen are just fiction, directors know how to make films inspiring. Here are five inspirational movies that will make you want to study.

“Dope”. It is sort of a colorful and extremely musical movie for those who love fashion and old school hip-hop. But not really. It is more related to modern nerds that even the traditional nerds don’t accept in their community. The main character is working on the “Research Thesis to Discover Ice Cube’s Good Day’. What a weirdo, right? This movie has everything that a film about nerds doesn’t have to contain. Drug dealing and wild parties, relationships with the hottest girl on the block and fashion. And that is exactly what differentiates this motion picture from the others. With Zoe Kravitz, ASAP Rocky, and Tyga as guests and Pharrell Williams and Puff Daddy as producers, this film is even more awesome. ASAP says that this is his story of success, but something whispers “not really”. The movie is funny with a beautiful picture and it inspires for making the right choices. The main idea is not about the nerds. It is more about that education costs more than money because no one can take it from you.

“The Pursuit of Happyness”. Yes, everybody is mentioning this movie on the inspirational lists, but it is worth a re-watch for Will Smith’s cool fluffy hair dress and Jaden as a sweet little kid without wearing that weird face. This movie above all shows the matter of learning professional skills. Jaden should watch it to understand the value of education and maybe his tweets will make more sense. Also, there is no way not to remember one more inspiring show for study with Will Smith. It is the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. In addition, you can copy all his looks with the 90’s trend. This series is also about understanding the need for education.

“The Martian”. Some saying this is the main movie of the year says enough. But no matter if you like it or not, let’s agree that the film is based on education. Without knowledge of Matt Damon’s character, there would be no story to tell. Don’t you want to be such a badass scientist to even survive on Mars? With progress, you might need that knowledge. Who knows where you will be next summer?

“Legally Blonde”. This is already a classic inspirational movie. Yes, it may be too girlie but besides the giggles, it shows that education is a thing that makes you a useful member of society and makes other people treat you with respect. With all the crazy fashion of the 2000’s you can laugh and have nostalgia at the same time.

“Community”. This series is hard and can be detected as inspirational for studying, but it teaches us that your every mistake is the way to perfection. And sometimes when you don’t want to go to classes early in the morning, there are some things that will motivate you. Like friends, interesting projects and the dream of a better life.