To live like a college movie character

We all love movies about college. They are funny, motivational and romantic. As kids, we watched them and thought what a wonderful place college is. Parties, attractive students, fraternities, and competitions are really enjoyable. We dreamt that one day we will be the part of this magic world, but in growing up and facing reality, it became clear that all these expectations are ridiculous and not realistic. So, what did college movies teach us about being a student?

  • The only students that matter are fraternity members and athletes. They are everywhere, and the other students are losers and nerds. However, individuals have value, whether they are part of a group or are independent in their thoughts and actions.
  • You will find a life coach in your professor or dean, building a special connection between the two of you. In reality, professors and deans may not care about individual students. If you are a good student, you will have good grades. However, if you don’t show for class at all or know nothing about the subject, you simply wouldn’t pass the exam or the course.
  • This special place, college, provides inspiration. The whole school is waiting for you to save it by winning some regional competition. Singing, cheerleading or food competition! Really? That is not how it works, guys. Taking part in some extra-curricular activity is entertaining, and you may build your reputation in that area, but there is more to life than that. Oh, and inspirational speeches can fix anything, even your failed test. Improve your oral skills to become a member of the debate team that’s not going to solve all your problems.

  • The other ridiculous point about college movies is how they teach you to study. You can be insanely stupid but keeping everything positive will save you from dropping out. The smart students are usually shown as losers. If you know why you need this education, then you understand that being smart is the way to graduation and a future career. It doesn’t sound like losing at all, right? These movies present characters who party all the time and don’t attend classes but still find a way to study the week before exams and succeed. You must be a true genius if you can learn all the information in one week that intelligent students have studied the entire semester.
  • One more interesting point is that that no one is thinking about the money they’re paying for college. And let’s agree, it is a lot. So, not studying is stupid.