Why dark web is the future of the internet?

Deep Web or Darknet has existed for years but only recently has received more attention and an increase in users. What most people know about it is that terrible things happen there, from drug dealing to murders-for-hire. Everybody has heard about the Silk Road and the life imprisonment of his founder who has no chance of parole. But the Darknet is not all about the criminals. It also has social media, forums, and even its own Wikipedia. The reason why it is attracting more and more users every year is because it can be a good alternative for those who are tired of total control over Web 2.0.

It’s not a secret what the users of Web 2.0 cherished the most: the security of anonymity and the chance to express oneself without being humiliated by society. Thousands of people all over the world understood that one can share secret hobbies and discuss issues with your like-minded persons without revealing one’s true identity. It is strange that for this reason, people become more open-minded and, at the same time, less tolerant. At some point, it’s difficult to recognize where one’s freedom ends and infringes on someone else’s. The Internet allows one to express opinions that are shared with everyone else.
Another important issue about Web 2.0 is tracking of personal data. The worst part is that it is used for target advertisement. Don’t forget about the possibility of stealing personal data for the criminal purposes. This kind of Internet activity is fun for viewing cute advertisements, but people are getting increasingly tired of the violation of their privacy.
Another factor that influences a migration to the deep Web is the nostalgia for the primitive Web that actually looks more like a secret club. For previous generations, it would be a reminder of the good old days. In addition, the new generation might be attracted by mysterious images and all the stories about the Dark Net. It would be amusing for them to experience an internet they didn’t have the chance to use.
In summary, we can say that the Darknet is a large matter of discussion because of the various ways it can be used. However, if the government can find a way to control it, then perhaps a new and better web will be created. Web 2.0 became not only a part of our life but a life in itself. So, when it had integrated with our everyday routine, we felt the need for what the Internet used to be years ago. This is indicative of a society’s tendency to go private and delve into the digital world without any real-life problems. This is why we should fix society problems instead of the deep web.