Essay structure that leads to the ideal essay

Writing a critical essay is challenging and interesting all at the same time. What sets it apart from other kinds of writing assignments is that it provides your opinion on a topic or issue, often something you have learned in your course of study. So what you have to do is to state your arguments and support them. How do you accomplish that? That is not simple to do, but it is achievable. When you are assigned to develop an essay or any other kind of writing, just follow this basic tip:

  • Remember that your writing should not be a simple summary of the research you have conducted. You should analyze and synthesize what you have learned, using the research to support your opinion on the topic. Furthermore, you should strive to add a new perspective or insight on the content area being discussed.
    Accurate and easy essay writing comes with practice and small tricks you’ll learn during the process. The first strategy is to utilize an appropriate essay structure. This helps you to build the essay while organizing your thoughts in a logical fashion. Some teachers or professors provide students with their own essay criteria. However, the most common method for creating good writing is the “three point five paragraph” research essay structure. This kind of structure includes an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, three body paragraphs that each offers a main argument and supporting details, and a concluding paragraph that restates the thesis statement and sums up the main points.

Title it right!

The title of your paper is an essential description of your work. If the topic is fixed, it’s understood you should use the provided topic without changing anything. If you are allowed to choose the topic, then the challenge is to develop a title that indicates the subject matter of the essay and, at the same time, intrigues the reader.

Essay structure: first goal is a good Introduction

The introduction is the first impression the reader has of your work. The first sentence or two should be a hook that leads to the thesis statement. However, you do not provide the details of your paper in your opening paragraph, other than perhaps mentioning the main points to be discussed. Instead, provide your readers with the details in the research essay structure body of the essay.

Provide the details of your essay in a well-organized body

The essay’s body has three sections, usually referred to as paragraphs. Each body paragraph should consist of one main point and the evidence to support it. This means that there will be three body paragraphs, each with a topic sentence and supporting evidence. Moreover, each topic sentence works in supporting the overall thesis of the essay, as stated in the introductory paragraph.

Sum it up

The concluding paragraph must restate the thesis statement, but not repeat it verbatim from the introductory paragraph. It must also summarize all the major points. In addition, it cannot introduce new ideas.

References are important

Any references used in writing a paper must be properly cited, regardless of whether the information was directly quoted or paraphrased. Otherwise, the writer is stealing the thoughts, ideas, and research from another individual, which is called plagiarism.