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Everyone has been in that situation when he or she needs to create an essay very quickly. One may say that it is impossible, but we disagree. There are some tricks that can boost one’s productivity and allow one to complete a writing assignment in an expedient manner.

Below are tips on how:

  • Eliminate anything that distracts you. Then write freely any thoughts that come to mind. Set the timer for at least 15 minutes, close the browser, and simply record everything you are thinking. This will become easier to do with the practice. Soon, your thoughts will reveal an idea on which to build towards a composition.
  • Avoid using a spell checker while free writing. It can irritate and distract you from the main task of developing ideas. You can always check for spelling and other errors later when proofreading or editing. Some writers even turn off the computer screen while recording thoughts. Of course, it that is difficult for a student, so you can use another option, like turning off the backspace button. What is interesting about this exercise is that you will see how your thoughts changes. Besides, very often the first draft is the best. This intriguing experience may become a new writing habit.
  • When pre-writing, skip the introductory part. Go straight to the body paragraphs so that you do not lose the continuity of your thoughts. The conclusion will come naturally if you develop the subject first. The introduction is also easier to create after the other parts of an essay have been developed.
  • Don’t think of word choice when writing the first draft. The major task here is to develop your ideas. You can determine precise wording while editing.
  • Try to rewrite a sample essay on assigned topic with your own words. However, if you do, don’t forget to check the writings for plagiarism to avoid awkward situations. That is really important.
  • Finally, ask for the help from your classmates. A group brainstorming session can lead to developing opinions and creative ways to express them. If your classmate has the same assignment, developing ideas together can be helpful. You can look at the same topic from different angles, for example.

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