FOMO – Why does social media make us miserable?

The popularity of social media started a long before Facebook was invented, but Facebook certainly had a huge influence in generating mass-popularity for social media sites along with mass pressure to join in these games of vanity. Instagram made the pressure even worse. When you see the lives of celebrities and successful people, you feel the frustration or pity of your own life and the sting of jealousy. But why should social media, an invention that is meant to bring people closer, make us miserable and lonely?
In time, we realized that there is no need to reveal all the aspects of our life to the public. The digital world is the perfect place where you can correct your own image. And some of us do this perfectly. That is how we see only the best side of our friends and their victories: restaurants, new clothing and gadgets, perfect jobs and relationships. And you’re sitting alone in your room with a slice of pizza in your mouth, realizing what it means to be a loser. But there are reasons why you are the one who is not successful in life.
First of all, you are more than just a loser. You are not the worst of your friends and mates. Social media gives users the opportunity to manage the information that followers see. This means morning looks or the night-home-alone-with-Netflix parties are not likely to make it online. This is what made you think that the life of your friends is a constant party and success even if you understand deep inside that this is not actually possible.
Essena O’Neill, ex-Instagram and Youtube star from Australia, explained the lies that cover the image of a perfect life of an Instagram model. She showed all her imperfections that were usually covered by makeup and all the unhealthy habits she had, despite showing off the perfect bikini body. She told how this fake way of life gave her a nervous breakdown. She didn’t notice her life became the endless pursuit of the perfect shots to keep the fake alive. But behind this approval addiction, she was all alone.
Although we know the truth behind the social media profiles, there is an unconscious feeling of the pressure that follows us every day. Girls want perfect makeup and boys want fancy clothing and the opportunity to represent their wealth. If you don’t post something new there’s a feeling that you don’t exist. In 2013, in Oxford Dictionary edition was added a new word “FOMO:” the fear of missing out the news of your friend’s feed or new trends.
We all need to deal with the mixed emotions that social media causes and it is not that hard. First of all, avoid making a contest out of your social life. It’s OK if you have a bad day or are doing something other than having a massive party. When you look at celebrity pictures, remember that it is a hard work and you see only the best part of it. What goes on behind the scenes is the life of an average person. You can live a good life and be quite happy without social approval.