Help for homework is in your hands

Scientists in various fields seem to be interested in researching the importance of homework. Does it help or not? And how does it correlate with the student’s age? In what form and capacity should be? Now, teachers consider that, generally, homework has a positive effect on study results improvement. What is important is that it must be based on a 10-minute rule. This means that an assignment must take, on average, ten minutes at night for a 1st grade student, and this rises proportionally with the student’s age. So, high school writing assignments will take about 90 minutes of work every day.
But what is significant is that for elementary school kids, homework isn’t that effective. The same scenario is mentioned with upper high school students who spend more than two hours a day on writing assignments. But if those elementary school children can get help with homework from parents, older students need a real homework helper.
All these facts lead to one point. Learning time management is very important and will help you do more important things in a short time. If you spend two or more hours a day on studying, but are still running out of time with deadlines, you really need help on homework. Because not only is the time spent on an assignment important but the value of work you have done is also important. Learning time management from an early age will be good help for homework in the future. It is never too late to improve your learning and timing skills.

A good homework helper for you is good habits

  • Make homework a ritual. Organize special a study space with the right illumination; block all things bothering you during the process. See what your real productivity is. Make weekly and monthly reports of your achievements. If they’re not as good as you planned, then try some techniques to reveal your potential. But if it’s better than you thought, it will only cheer you up and show that personal growth is a real thing. Never stop improving yourself; it is not that difficult!
  • Learn to plan ahead for long periods of time. Start with 1-week planning sessions and soon you’ll be planning for the whole semester what will totally ease the entire process. Large assignments will be no trouble for you anymore.
  • There is so much time available to learn and make your everyday study routine that you don’t notice. You can listen to audiobooks instead of music, read some materials while on the bus, etc.
  • The 24-hour rule. Looking through the notes you took in class over the next 24 hours will help you remember new information. Just a fast look will be enough. And repeating it before the next class will clear the memories on the subject and remind you or your questions.
  • Use the homework helper of your choice for organizing your time and knowledge. Reminder that note apps will help you a lot.
  • Read some more literature on the topic, if you want to become a time management pro. Your school library surely has useful books on the subject.