“Scream Queens” – A Genius Parody or Crude Work? Essay Sample

This fall we met charming Kappa Kappa Tau residents and learned how to commit the most ridiculous murders of all time. FX promoted the “Scream Queens” series for the whole year, created the most awkward promo clip and somehow disappointed their viewers. The showrunners Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk made a crazy mix of two of their previous works “Glee” and “American Horror Story” that had already become a cult for millions of fans. These two shows were completely unalike so there was nothing to gain from it but complete insanity.

They have all that is needed for success: the perfect cast, the horror story for Halloween, and the massive promo in the primetime. But somehow, with every episode, the number of viewers was fading. If two premiere episodes that came out one day drew 4.04 million people, then even the next third episode lost half a million viewers. In the middle of the season, the audience was about 2.5 million. Unfortunately, the Thanksgiving episode, one of the final accords that had to be intriguing, gathered less than 2 million viewers. Still, the series won the Critics’ Choice Television Award for the “Most Exciting New Series” and the other nominations are waiting for it. So why is the opinion of the critics and the public so different? What did the show creators miss?

With Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis, the Scream Queens of the old and new generations began as very provoking and encouraging. The rest of the cast seems to be on the second plan and did not pay much attention to the script like there was something missing on screen that was in the writings. Even with every episode, when we learn something new about a character, they still are grotesquely simple. Maybe it was sarcasm but in the end, the audience didn’t get it.

The plot of the series is simple and easy to understand from the first episode. Next, Murphy and Falchuk play with us by changing the angle of the story and leaving us guessing who the real killers are. Probably those kind of horror patterns and cliché characters were chosen to make the film even more ridiculous. The jokes in “Scream Queens” may seem too neat, but it is so harsh what makes it really genius. And first of all, it comes with the horror part of the show. There is nothing taboo about anything in this show. All the characters are unbelievably stupid and play all the possible corny types of people you may meet on the average college campus. Maybe “Scream Queens” is the most politically incorrect show on modern TV.

On the other hand, the black comedy genre and nonhuman nonsense of the plot open the mouth of characters to say the truth about the society and young people problems in the way it would never happen in the real life. So stupid, so honest.

For those who tried to find in “Scream Queens” the real horror scenes or sitcom humor, the series was a real disappointment. But if you will refuse to take this story as a horror or comedy and take as it is, you will see that this is a really outstanding show. With the totally politically correct TV, it brings the subtle humor, laughing at stereotypes but still speaks important topics of our society.