Essay Sample – The Country of Refugees

Over the past years, Europeans have faced a serious problem: thousands of migrants from Africa and Middle East who are trying to cross over their borders for a better life. They walk through the underground tunnels, swim (and drown) in Mediterranean waters, and wait for years in temporary-residence camps.

The number of people that left their normal lives and homes this year, according to UN calculations, reached 60 million, while international organizations struggled to help stem the tide. Jason Buzi, an Israeli citizen who made his money by trading real estate in the Bay Area of San Francisco, offered a plan. His idea is absolutely utopian from all points of view: to create a separate country, from scratch, for all those who so need it.
Buzi called his project “Refugee Nation“. A millionaire is going to create a paradise for these millions of people. “They have different backgrounds, races, and religions. But they do have a common denominator: they are innocent people, families and communities, and sometimes entire ethnic groups who were left without homes and the country because of military conflict, economic upheaval, and ethnic cleansing. Today we can say: “Enough!” We offer a radical solution, which is not an impossible or insane. On the contrary, it’s the most effective way to solve the refugee problem,” Buzi said on the organization’s website.
According to Buzi, he came up with the idea long ago. “I grew up in Israel; a country established for Jews, many of them were refugees. I studied and lived in the US, a country established by refugees seeking asylum. I think that in the XXI century, no one should be left without their homes and their country,” Buzi said in the same manifesto.
The main problem with his idea is how to find the location for the new country. Buzi is sure that the problem can be solved:

  1. “First of all, even in the United States of America, we can find a lot of habitable, not populated land. In California, 90% of the population lives on 10% of the territory. The same is true, for example, for many Nordic countries,” says the millionaire.
  2. Also, the new country can be placed on an island. In the Pacific Ocean territories, there are thousands of unpopulated islands, and some of them can be a paradise for the refugees.
  3. The third plan of settlement is for the refugees to find a country with a large territory and a lack of population. For example, in the Dominican Republic, there are 290 square miles where only 73,000 people live.
  4. The fourth alternative is to build a new island in international waters. This option is expensive and harmful to the environment; but not impossible.

“If someone thinks that the new state will invent some new form of government, he will be disappointed; as history shows us, the most successful were democratic, pluralistic countries with capitalist economies,” writes the founder of Refugee Nation. The main task for the new country will be to keep the balance between economic growth and social benefits. The new country should combine advantages of Scandinavian and American systems and neutralize their weaknesses.

Refugee Nation will need a lot of money and Buzi cites several ways to collect funds:

  • Contributions from a group of billionaires.
  • The help of the United Nations.
  • The help of individual investors or corporations in return for communication licenses.
  • Crowdfunding.

The official language of the Refugee Nation will be English as English is the most used language in the modern world. There will be educational centers where any citizen can learn English.
Buzi foresees two potential problems for Refugee Nation: ethics and politics. Many people equate the creation of the country for the refugees as “keeping them in some kind of a ghetto.” Buzi believes that giving people shelter and bread is the noblest step. The second problem that it is not clear how people from different countries might get along, given their different religious beliefs and life experiences.
As the alternative to Refugee Nation, Jason Buzi offers several different ways to solve the refugee issue:

  1. All the governments of the world can determine the maximum amount of refugees.
  2. The cancellation of visas and the creation of single-type passports.

But Buzi understands that the free transfer of all the people in the world is clearly only a distant possibility. An even less possible option is the ending of all the conflicts in the world which would allow the refugees to go home.