Maths online homework apps: Cheating or helping?

You are not alone in completing your homework math assignments, and you don’t need to spend hours on your homework math when you can do something more interesting. So many arguments have been voiced about whether it is fair for students to be able to solve any math problem with the help of the Internet. But creators of those “cheating” apps explain that their inventions are made to help students in solving example problems. That is an involved debate, but we don’t take sides. We simply provide an overview of the main apps.
So, these apps will save you time by demonstrating how to solve certain kinds of math problems. Here are your math genius helpers:

  • Meta-calculator is simply a good app that will help with homework math. It is free to use but requires payment for smartphone/tablet versions.
  • is a really good app that can solve any maths online homework. It is free to use and is appropriate for students from middle school through college. The only drawback in using this app is that you must pay to see the steps in solving the problem, though the answer is free. Still, it is a great app. It has many regular customers.

Help homework math with crowdsourcing

  • Homework Helper, another intriguing and popular app, was created in China. It is more of a trading platform rather than a simple problem solver. The point of this software application is that you can post any math assignment and other students will complete it for you. This is a kind of crowdsourcing forum where you get e-coins for assignment completion and then trade them to buy electronics such as smartphones, players, etc.
  • Slader is another crowdsourcing app for help with homework math. The most frequent problems are already solved by the app, but if you have something unusual, people in the forum will help you. The app is free to install at iOS, but some types of math problems require payment.

Just upload the photo

  • Wolfram Alpha is also one of the best apps for help on homework math. The benefit of this app is that it shows not only the answer but the complete step by step problem-solving process. It is also possible to scan your math problem using a phone camera. However, this feature does not work for more difficult problems on the college level, but you can always type in the problem. This site has a mobile/tablet app that is very handy, but it is not free.
  • PhotoMath has generated a lot of noise. When released, it beat even Facebook’s record for downloads. The benefits of PhotoMath app is in its simple usage and intuitive interface. Simply scan the problem with the app’s camera scanner and get the answer! After scanning, turn off the camera to see the steps to the solution. It also has an archive of problems you have scanned.