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The fear of writing is real. You may be aware of this fear every time you are given a writing task, or it could be a once-in-a -lifetime experience. It can be in the form of a panic attack, a sense of procrastination, or any other physical or mental reaction, but it has nothing to do with real fears, and it’s a problem that can be cured.
Everyone has it occasionally. You have an assignment to complete. At first, you put it off, but when the deadline is just around the corner, you begin to panic. You think that perhaps you will do the next writing assignment in a more timely fashion. Or perhaps you just don’t think you can do it at all! To fight these fears and to build confidence in your writing skills, you need to understand the roots of your fear.

The reasons for fearing writing assignments

Reasons for fearing writing assignments vary. Perhaps your grammatical skills are weak, or you are not very knowledgeable on the writing topic, or maybe writing just simply isn’t your strong suit. No matter how absurd this may sound, completing writing assignments is what will help you to develop good writing skills. You can’t learn to ride a bicycle without practice. When you fall off, you get right back on and correct what went wrong. So, begin your writing practice by eliminating the fear of receiving a low grade. If you have great ideas but lack grammatical skills, use tools that help, like those in word-processing apps. Besides, a good professor will never punish a talented student for lacking skills if the student shows sincere interest in improving. What’s most important is that you show an interest in the subject area and in improving your writing skills. Good grammar will come with the use of tools and other help aids.


Find your passion. When choosing the topic for an essay or researching a given topic, try to find a major issue that interests you. You will be amazed how easy researching and writing can be when you have a strong opinion you want to share with others. Even if the topic is not interesting to you, you can still find some opinion to express and support that your professor and classmates may find intriguing.
Try various strategies to motivate you to write. Begin by conducting a general research on the topic to identify an issue you would like to explore. Researching before you have to narrow down the topic takes some of the pressure off you, allowing you time to explore and develop an opinion that can be supported with evidence and logic.

Assignments online can solve your problem

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