Resume writing for a perfect job

Writing a good resume is your way to a dream job. But to create it, you will need to spend some time and energy. What you need to understand is that a resume is like an advertisement of you as an employee. Of course, you can’t lie about your skills and previous jobs achievements, but focus on your goals is important. Think of yourself as a product and show your best side and major strengths to your potential employer.
Start with a solid introduction that presents you and your career goals or objectives. Your resume must show who you are, your work experience, and ambitions. But don’t write too much in this opening paragraph; a few lines are enough.

Professional resume for a job

Remember, that you want to create a good resume but with the ability to revise certain sections for a specific job vacancy. You have a much better chance of getting an interview if your resume highlights the key skills needed for that particular vacancy.


Look at the job vacancy for which you want to apply and note the key skills required. Without mention of them, your resume will go unnoticed. Most HR specialists receive tons of responses each day for listed job vacancies, and of course, they don’t have the time to read through all those responses. Keywords will help to identify your resume as relevant to the job opening. So try to tailor your resume for the vacancy for which you are applying.
When formatting your resume, remember that it must be readable and elegant. Use classic fonts, but not in the small size. It’s great if you can be brief in your writing, but a resume three pages in length is fine. So, choose a regular size and plain-style font, and don’t write lengthy paragraphs. Follow these tips for organizing your resume and presenting information:

  • Chronological order. This means you concentrate on describing previous job experiences, beginning with the last place of employment and ending with the first one. Be sure to highlight your achievements rather than simply your responsibilities. This type of information is suitable when applying for career growth in your field. You should make clear the experience you already have.
  • Functional. This type of resume is useful if you want to change your professional area or don’t have much experience yet. After introducing yourself, go straight to your skills and qualities. This will highlight your potential for a given position. Note the skills you developed in previous jobs that may be relevant to the one for which you are applying.
  • Combination. This type of resume utilizes both the chronological and functional format. You can emphasize your skills and highlight your achievements for each job position previously held. In this kind of professional resume, provide the introduction, key skills you possess, and then your work experience.

In every resume, the section on education goes last. One more important consideration is not mentioning unnecessary personal information like age, gender, state of health, or other private data. Finally, do not add a photo!