How to win over the audience?

Preparing yourself for a speech performance is a serious and complex task. It is not only about writing an essay and reading it aloud. With the need to present your ideas to the audience comes the requirement to write the text in the way that listeners will get it and agree with you. It means the final work will consist of two parts: the essay and your performance.

Let’s start with the writing process. To generate a valid speech you need to be a little provoking, have strong arguments and clear explanation of them. That means that the plotting of the speech writing topics is one of the serious and leading aspects in this process. Your every thought and sentence must create the wanted point of view to the audience.
Write for the listeners. To get people’s interest you need to think like them. What facts will convince them? What is your audience?

Speech writing format and tips

Usually, the speech writing format contains the introduction, body, and conclusion. It is close to an argumentative essay or critical thinking with some little differences that cause the fact of public performance.

  • Record your performance first. To proofread the essay you may use Google Translate or other app that play the text. But to practice the oral skills for the speech requires to hear how you sound. Even the best presentation will be unnoticed when the speaker can’t win the attention. For this purpose, you need to record how your voice sounds and practice the text in the mirror. Or just do both at the same time by recording it on the camera. The art of public speech is a very multitasking skill. At one moment, you need to control your thoughts, remember the text, make the right intonations and accents, work with the public, control your hands and body.
  • Do it till the speech is clear and fit in the time limits if you have them. If you don’t meet the limits, don’t try to speak faster it may have an affect on the meaning perception. But try to formulate your ideas in a more compact way.
  • The writings that need to be presented as a speech may differ from those that only targeted on the reading. For the better performance, it is smart to choose the words that are vivid and can create the picture. Plus, the words and sentences need to be more melodious and pleasant for hearing.
  • If you are allowed to use slides in your speech do it for sure. The only condition is that the slideshow doesn’t steal the attention from you. Choose a few informative slides and let them help you, not lead your performance.