Term paper procrastination will leave you for good

The Internet gives us endless possibilities and access to the whole world’s information. And yes, we prefer to use it for watching pictures of cats and arguing with strangers. Let’s imagine, you’re a responsible person and use the Web to study and research a subject for an assignment. But, sometimes it seems that everything is made to distract your attention. And that’s true. All that noise on the Internet and the endless information stream doesn’t leave us time to concentrate. But, procrastination may have several roots. Let’s learn what they are and how to fight them.

Fear of Starting Term Papers

Writers may call this “the fear of blank sheet”. It seems like the brain doesn’t function anymore. You’re stuck before you even get started. This may cause panic or denial, but there’ re some things you can do about it. If you’re an organized person and do not check a Facebook feed every five minutes, but still can’t force yourself to finally write a term paper, then try this:

  • Write anything. Literally anything. Write an essay about how you can’t write it. Write about how your day was. If the problem is in starting, then you already started. You wouldn’t notice how gently you’ll go from procrastinating to actual work.
  • Try a “snowflake” technique. Begin with a 1-sentence plot that will summarize your main point. Then spend the next few hours writing wider description of your research paper. One page will be enough for this step. On this level, you have written an annotation to your paper and have formed the paragraphs of the thesis. Now, do the same for each chapter. By this time, you will have a good piece of an assignment done and all you’ll have to do is develop it into a full-length paper.

Write term papers and eliminate the buzz

So, if you are an Instagram star or a super socially active person, the problem is in the non-stop chatting and checking feeds. Also, procrastination can trick you into thinking that you need to do more researching and one spend more hours of Internet surfing. No! If you did everything right, you don’t need more information to start working on your term paper. If you will, you’ll know it in the middle of writing, not before. Let’s fight the buzz.

  • If you’re a social media addict, use AppDetox. This app will block all social media, games or whatever required apps for a certain period of time, from hours to days or weeks, to forever. You can also set the allowed number of accesses to this app.
  • Use 10-minutes Technic. It is simple and effective. You need to work straight for ten minutes, then you can have a 3-minute break for whatever you want. There are five intervals, and the good part of your research paper is done! If even this is hard for you, try the (10+2)x5 Procrastination Hack app.
  • One of the most motivating things in our lives is still the anger of your mother. Isn’t it? The developers of the Yelling Mom app think the same. That’s why they bring us this majestic procrastination-saver. You schedule a to-do list and when it’s time to work, this app won’t leave you until everything is done. Very effective!