University personal statement or why you go to a university

It seems like a very obvious topic, but most students fail at it because of using clichés or even plagiarism. This doesn’t mean that you copied someone’s paper, it’s just that this topic is very popular and many of us don’t want to search a little deeper to create something really touching and interesting. To stand out from others, you should show your creative mind and write an impressive essay.

First, you need to teach yourself to begin every university paper with brainstorming and mind-mapping. It doesn’t matter what tool you use — a smartphone app or just a pen and a notebook. But this simple training will show you the whole structure of an essay and bring new ideas. Even for those who understand new material in an audio or kinesthetic way, simple visualization helps a lot.

University personal statement

Think of what inspires you to go to a university. It could be a famous scientist, celebrity or someone you know. What motivates you to choose a particular career? But at this point, most of us here use old patterns and write down some not so fresh ideas. That’s why while mind-mapping, you should try to think about the topic out of the box. Find some not so evident argument on the topic and don’t forget to explain why you are a good candidate for the university!

As in every paper you’ve ever written, this one will need a lead thesis and evidence.
This kind of an essay is a lot like a university personal statement. Connect your ideas on why somebody should go to the university as well as your own experience and opinion.

If you need to answer the questions:

“Why you want to study at this university”


“why you are a suitable candidate to enter this university,”

try to combine the answers because they are logically connected.

If you don’t have any specific criteria on the essay, you can use the 3.5 paragraph technique. This means that you will write three body paragraphs surrounded with a short introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

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