Write assignment with little helpers

Even successful students need help when the amount of work to be done is too much. In that case, there is nothing wrong with getting a little help. Here are some apps that will help you organize, optimize and ease the writing process.


  • WiseMapping. Simple but helpful app with fast and free registration. It will assist you with creating a map of ideas quickly and clearly while organizing the evidence. It is a great way to start a writing assignment.
  • Bubbl.us. One more app for brainstorming. It helps to build the structure of your writings by creating an idea map of your points. The benefit of this app is in registration-free access. You can immediately get to work, not wasting time to create a new password.

Write Competently

  • Visual Einstein. This software will help you with reference information with a writing assignment by taking notes, marks, headings, and hyperlinks. You will find comfort in using it and it is absolutely free.
  • Hemingway. A complex and very effective app. It helps with grammar, shows the readability of sentences and helps to find synonyms for frequently used words. It is a completely necessary app for editing and writing.
  • Advanced English Dictionary. The most complete and large English Dictionary, created specifically for finding synonyms for the perfect word context.

Structuring and assistance in writing

  • Essay Writing Guide. Excellent app for iPhone that will help in choosing assignment form. It will support you through the writing process and help with structuring and formatting. Almost all the features are in one app. This is necessary to try for all students.
  • My Writing Nook. Excellent app that will help organize the writing assignment and create paragraphs the right way. What is handy about this app is it’s easy to sync, no matter what device you are running: desktop, IPad or laptop.

Complex help

  • ProPaperWritings.com. This service will help you at any step of writing. The great thing is that you can request to write an assignment from scratch. This service helps to find a professional writer to complete your work. With easy and fast registration, you can leave the order immediately. It is important that you can monitor the work process and chat online with the author you choose for writing. Propaperwritings is already trusted by many students who are fully satisfied with their orders.

Control and motivate yourself

  • Write or Die. An app that motivates. Set the required amount of words and the time needed for writing. There are a few different modes such as consequence that forces you to write, or rewarding that awards you when the work is done with purring and pictures of cats or something sweet like that, or stimulating you to relax and concentrate on your assignment writing. It may not be the most necessary app, but sometimes diversifying your work may be very useful.
  • SelfControl. Simple and high-quality app to block distracting sites and apps. It is really simple, but that’s what exactly is important because managing app settings can also be distracting.
  • Pomodoro Time Management. A notable app that works similarly to the ten-minutes technique. But it attempts to separate the assignment writing time to pomodoros, 25-minute periods with 5-minutes breaks. The app is made useful and clear. And, by the way, 25-minute periods is way more effective to write while not losing your points in short 10-minute terms.