Writing cover letters is half of success

When seeking a new job, we typically spend a lot of time on the CV. We often fail to take the cover letter seriously. But in reality, cover letters, while hard to handle properly, are one of the best tools for landing your dream job. What’s the trick to a good cover letter? The most important thing is that a cover letter needs to present the essence of your professional career and show your special qualifications for the company. It needs to assure your future boss that you can and will use your professional skills and intelligence in a flexible way that is just right for this particular position. A cover letter should also indicate your understanding of t company activities. So, what to cite in the text and how to format it right?

  • The purpose of your cover letter is to prove that you fit the position and inspire an HR manager to read your CV. To make this possible, your first task is to read the vacancy text attentively.
  • One page will be enough for your cover letter. It’s a brief presentation of your qualifications as an expert in the area where you’re going perform.
  • In the short opening, introduce yourself and always address the person you’re writing to by name.
  • The main part of the letter consists of two to three paragraphs and describes your work experience, education level, and expert skills that will help you to manage the job successfully. Your qualifications must match the vacancy description key skills and duties. Also, you can write about your personal and employee qualities.
  • The final part of the cover letter is similar to an essay conclusion. Here you can highlight why you’re the perfect candidate and why you’re inspired to work for the firm. And of course, a kind suggestion to invite you to an interview.
  • The appropriate style is formal. It needs to be the perfect demonstrations of your individuality and professionalism.
  • For the better results, make a revision of the letter for every application.
  • The letter’s structure can be the same as a simple essay. One paragraph for one point to prove.

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