Writing essays in college now is simple

We all have met difficulties with a new paper at times. Someone just doesn’t know what to do with the first essay and the others can face various struggles when writing essays in college on a regular base. There are several ways to elevate your writing and researching skills, no matter if it is your first assignment or a regular routine. The most important thing is to understand your problem when it appears and solve it immediately. Take some advice for advanced researching; either you are a newbie or a pro.

Writing Assignment Tips

  • Read as many other essays on a subject as you can. The more you explore, the more interesting thoughts on a problem will appear to you. You can use examples of custom writing essays as well. This will help you visualize proper formatting and structuring.
  • Discuss chosen issues with professors, students, friends or parents. You may find some really interesting ideas to express in your essay. The truth may be found when you debate with smart people.
  • Always write down your impressions and thoughts. Try this to avoid situations when your brain gives the false feeling that this very idea won’t go away, but the next day you totally don’t remember a thing. Besides, new theories usually arrive when you’re writing. Scientists admit that handwriting brings a positive effect on critical thinking. Try it yourself and you’ll become a fan of notebooks.
  • When you already have created the main thesis in your mind, don’t sit in front of a blank sheet waiting for a muse to come. Just start with writing a short plot of your essay. It’ll help you concentrate and show that it’s not so hard to begin.
  • Try the 3.5 paper method to write the body of the assignment. This is a simple way to structure your writings. The meaning of this method lies in its name. The first paragraph of 3.5 essays is an introduction. Present here your research subject and your personal opinion on it. The next three paragraphs should describe three main points and evidence of these points. The last chapter must contain conclusions and an explanation of how and why you came to your points. This method is also used by authors for custom writing essays.
  • Use online tools to check the readability level of an essay. Try these services to find most-repeated words (so that you can replace them with synonyms), most-frequent phrases and sentences that need to be improved.
  • Check your essay for plagiarism here. Also use Grammarly.com. It combines most of all these features and will help not only with grammar, but with punctuation, style, sentence structure and contextual spelling.
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